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 #20yearsSC4 Challenge
A tribute to the creativity that gives us to SimCity 4


Ulisse Wolf - Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

This prop pack is the beginning of a long series of prop packs inspired by the Five Nights At Freddy’s. The prop pack is divided into two files Maxis Night and Dark Night.

Install only one of the two versions.

The installation involves the extraction of the zip file contained in the Maxis Night or Dark Night folders.

Copy the Ulisse folder to the (Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins) Plugins folder 

Due to the particularity of modding, two versions of the Alert and News system were created.

  • The original version will run the alert message whenever you enter the city that the landmark version of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is present.
  • The Non-invasive alert version, on the other hand, will show the alert message only when you have built the Landmark and will not appear when you load the city again

Within the two folders (Original Version and Non-invasive alert) you will find both the Dark Nite and Maxis Nite versions. Install only one of these versions


SimFox Day and Nite Modd (Only if you are using the Dark Night/DN version)

SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC Common Dependencies Pack

SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures

Creator of original models

Joey W.

LICENSING: This prop pack is provided as free content to SimCity 4 players, who are free to modify it for their use and for production of derivative for publication. Should the author be absent from SC4Devotion/SC4Evermore and for more than a year, site staff or individual users may re-host the file, as long as due credit is given to him, user Ulisse Wolf

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