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The SC4 Devotion LEX Legacy - HKABT Dependencies Pack features the model packs of the Hong Kong Asian BAT Team (HKABT).

Created 2023-07-19T08:07:17-07:00
Changed 2023-07-19T08:26:22-07:00
Version 1
Size 382.24 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 2,216

The MGB Texture Pack is intended for lotters and includes a number of useful textures. Of course this file will be a necessary dependency for any lots made using the included resources. Please note, there is no content that you will find in-game from installing this download stand-alone.

Created 2023-08-07T17:07:30-07:00
Changed 2023-08-09T19:00:31-07:00
Version 1.0
Size 2.71 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 308

MEGA Props Vol 01 by Porkissimo.  Not to be confused with JENXPorkie - Expanded Porkie Props (which is a revised and updated version of Porkie Props Vol 1 and 2).

Created 2023-07-20T02:30:16-07:00
Changed 2023-08-17T04:55:35-07:00
Version Version 1
Size 29.5 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 690

The expanded/remastered version of Porkie Props by xannepan (JENX).

Created 2023-07-20T02:30:16-07:00
Changed 2023-07-20T03:09:03-07:00
Version Version 1
Size 3.16 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 717

A complete set of dependencies from the LEX by Japanese BATer NOB.

Created 2023-07-20T02:30:16-07:00
Changed 2023-07-20T03:08:42-07:00
Version Version 1
Size 98.77 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 1,260
  • Original Author: SFBT
zip6 SFBT Essentials December 2015 HOT

The SFBT Essentials contain the custom UIs that every SFBT lot uses, as well as shared textures and prop packs. The file will be updated from time to time, so please check back to this download once in a while.

SFBT Essentials

  • Includes contents directly installable by .zip, and the original installer in the _DOCUMENTS folder.
Created 2023-07-20T02:30:16-07:00
Changed 2023-08-17T11:52:53-07:00
Version December 2015
Size 4.36 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 991

Maxis Buildings as Props (Vol 1 and 2) plus DLC Buildings as Props

Created 2023-07-20T02:30:16-07:00
Changed 2023-07-25T07:34:25-07:00
Version Version 2.1
Size 4.3 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 835
  • Original Author: Gizmo

There are over 50 new effects that were added to the Lot Editor and this upload also contains the Gizmo_Effects.dat with additional effect props. They might show up as dependencies on older uploads.

Created 2023-07-25T07:57:47-07:00
Changed 2023-08-17T11:34:17-07:00
Version 3.0
Size 3.09 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 290

This mod adds all the default UDI vehicles, as props to the lot editor.

The older, but still used Vehicle_Props-V3.dat file, as a dependency for many contents all over the exchanges has been merged with the later recommended Vehicle Props v4.0.dat and now they form the Vehicle Props v5.0.dat. Bear in mind that these props are the very same apart from the Instance IDs.

Created 2023-07-25T08:30:44-07:00
Changed 2023-07-25T08:33:08-07:00
Version 5.0
Size 531.55 KB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 294

This is a compilation of 16 train/rail car prop sets created by several members of the SC4 community (including Gizmo) and originally were compiled together by Gizmo.

Created 2023-07-27T11:42:40-07:00
Changed 2023-07-27T11:52:36-07:00
Version 1.0
Size 12.46 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 292

New 2022 repackaged version of MAS71 Props, courtesy of Tyberius06 as part of the Project ZIP effort.

Created 2023-08-04T17:01:49-07:00
Changed 2023-08-04T17:01:49-07:00
Version 1.0
Size 11.25 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 479

This package contains a number of textures and HD rendered props for making Tennis scenes in the Lot Editor*.

There are textures and props to make tennis courts in Straight, Diagonal and Fractionally Angled (22.5° & -22.5°) rotations. Additionally there are props for Tennis Nets, Court Fencing and a few extras that may come in handy when lotting. Prop families have also been used for the Court and Fencing props, which will randomly select one of the available colours/styles.

It should be noted that this is a Dependency, as such you will not find any new lots as a result of installing this file.

Huge thanks to KingOfSimCity for providing the inspiration for this pack and the included textures. Also for collaborating with me on the props development.

    *Strawberries and Cream not included.

Created 2019-07-18T21:49:42-07:00
Changed 2023-08-07T17:14:33-07:00
Version 1.0
Size 14.52 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 337

Fantozzi's Audio Essentials is a dependency that contains handcrafted game adequate and broadly usable custom query sounds.

Dear lotters for your convenience query IDs are listed in the included pdf-file.Please use Ilives Readers listening function to check out the sounds. 

Dear players you need lot files first that call the query sounds - otherwise this file won't do anything for you.

This game content was created (partially) with third party content, amongst this also commercial samples which I legaly purchased and am allowed to use in my creative work. Therefore you aren't allowed to extract and resample/reuse parts of the audio material itself encoded in the dat-file. This may infringe the copyrights of third persons/companies (see credits section in the readme). This means: you are allowed to use the contained audio data only in conjunction with the game it was designed for. This disclaimer you find also in the documentation included in the zip-file.

Update to Version 1.3: Added 9 new sounds dedicated to chemical industry and boiling (gascooking) traffic and others. Again fixed few errors, adjusted some sample rates (playing speed).

Created 2023-08-07T16:53:47-07:00
Changed 2023-08-07T16:53:47-07:00
Version 1.3
Size 7.45 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 249

This package contains props which show banners with retail logos.

The basic idea is that the props are in a family. That way when the family is used on a lot, one will be randomly selected from the installed props.

Currently I'm really just testing out the concept. But to get things going, I've made almost 30 banners/props, grouped by 6 countries:

  • AUS - Australia
  • DE - Germany 
  • JPN - Japan
  • RUS - Russia
  • UK - United Kingdom
  • US - United States

Each pack contains between 3 and 6 props, for stores of those countries. Here's the neat part...

You can choose to install only one region, selected regions or even all of them, it's totally up to you. But whichever you install will dictate which stores appear on lots using the props. For now these will support my Convenience Store lots, watch out for those in the coming days. But perhaps there is room to expand on the concept in future.

One last bonus. I've included some basic resources, 3D Modelling application files, sample texture. Readme for anyone who wants to have a go making their own compatible props. There are two files, one .max for 3DS Max users (made with 2011). Along with .3DS which can be imported into SC4BAT, see the included documentation for more info.

Created 2023-08-07T17:13:53-07:00
Changed 2023-08-07T17:13:53-07:00
Version 1.0
Size 4.11 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 234
  • Original Author: MGB204

This package contains modular rail depot models, rail service platforms plus props (linked to automata) and textures to use with them. 

Created 2023-08-07T17:18:28-07:00
Changed 2023-11-11T08:44:22-08:00
Version 1.01
Size 17.89 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 340

This prop pack is the beginning of a long series of prop packs inspired by the Fallout series. The prop pack is divided into two files Maxis Night and Dark Night.

Install only one of the two versions.

The installation involves the extraction of the zip file contained in the Maxis Night or Dark Night folders. Copy the Ulisse - Fallout folder to the DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins

Dependencies: SimFox Day and Nite Modd (Only if you are using the Dark Night/DN version)

Creator of original models: Tristan B

This prop pack is provided as free content to SimCity 4 players, who are free to modify it for their use and for production of derivative for publication.
Should the author be absent from SC4Devotion and for more than a year, site staff or individual users may re-host the file, as long as due credit is given to him, user Ulisse Wolf

Created 2023-08-07T17:23:29-07:00
Changed 2023-11-11T08:08:51-08:00
Version 1.0
Size 5.31 MB
Created by Ulisse Wolf
Downloads 203
  • Original Author: Mattb325

This is the Dark Nite version of the Mattb325 Urban Civics Prop Pack Vol01, containing props created and used by legendary BSC BATer Mattb325.

This version is intended for use with a darker night mod, such as the ones by gizmo28 (here at SC4E) or SimFox (on the STEX).  If you are not using a night mod, there is also a separate Maxis Nite version available, which you should use instead.

Created 2023-08-09T01:35:10-07:00
Changed 2023-08-20T03:10:44-07:00
Version Version 1-Dark Nite
Size 35.17 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 471
  • Original Author: Mattb325

This is the Dark Nite version of the Mattb325 Urban Civics Prop Pack Vol01, containing props created and used by legendary BSC BATer Mattb325.

This version is intended for use with the default Maxis night settings.  If you are using a darker night mod, such as the ones by gizmo28 or SimFox, there is a separate Dark Nite version that you should use instead.

Created 2023-08-09T01:37:36-07:00
Changed 2023-08-20T03:10:25-07:00
Version Version 1-Maxis Nite
Size 35.62 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 460
  • Original Author: Mattb325

This package contains the Multifunction Stations Props by Mattb325, used as a dependency by multiple Mattb325 packages.  Credits to mgb204 for the L1 ERRW prop.

This is the DarkNite version.

Created 2023-08-16T23:32:06-07:00
Changed 2023-08-20T02:42:21-07:00
Version Version 1-DarkNite
Size 19.9 MB
Created by SC4E Staff
Downloads 332