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  • Original Author: Vnaoned

This package includes many and varied props (227 props altogether through on three individual prop packs) created by Vnaoned.

For LOTters, the PROPS are available in Lot Editor, under the names: VV_ and VIP_Props_VV

Xmas lights are timed props (1st december to 15th january).
Inflatable pool are timed props (summer / rest of the year).
Dead leaves are timed props (autumn).

Contents as of Version 3 (v3):

  • VIP Vnaoned Propspack vol01 v2 (VIP_Props_VV_Propspack vol01 v2.dat)**
  • VIP Vnaoned Vehicules v2 (VIP_Props_VV_Vehicules v2.dat)*
  • VIP Vnaoned Monuments Props v2 (VIP_Props_VV_Monuments v2.dat)**
  • VV CarPackVol1 MMP v2 (VV_CarPackVol1_MMP_v2.dat)**

Special thanks to Barbyw & Girafe for packaging and renaming and TSC / VIP members for their support.

Change Log

*Update 2023 - updated to Version 2 (v2).

General Project ZIP treatment
The pack contains now the VIP_Vnaoned_Vehicules.dat as separate file in the same package.

**Update February 2024 - updated to Version 3 (v3).

  • The pack now contains the VIP_Props_VV_Monuments v2.dat and the VV_CarPackVol1_MMP_v2.dat
  • Both the VIP_Props_VV_Vehicules v2.dat and the VV_CarPackVol1_MMP_v2.dat are identical with the same files in the VIP Girafe-Vnaoned CarPack Vol01-Vol02 v2 upload.
    (They are taking place in the same folder structure, so when you install both of the prop sets and keep the original folder structure as it is recommended the files will safely overwrite eachother.)
  • The files got renamed to be in line with other VIP contents that got similar treatment.
  • Small update on the main VV Propspack, which reasulted in the new VIP_Props_VV_Propspack vol01 v2.dat

You will find a Cleanitol_VIP Vnaoned Props Pack vol01 v3.txt file in the ~Documents that help you remove the unnecessary files. It is highly recommended to run the provided cleanitol file for the compilation with one of the following 3rd party cleanitol tools, which can help you remove the old packs or you can remove them manually:

nos.17 Cleanitol (new tool)

BSC Cleanitol (old tool).

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Installation: Copy/extract the VIP parent folder into your Plugins. If you extracted the ~Documents folder as well, it is highly recommended you to keep it for further use/reference, but move it out of the Plugins into a safe location.

Un-Installing: To un-install the files, simply bulldoze every lot from this download in your cities and delete the files from the plugins folder afterwards.

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