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There are over 50 new effects that I've added to the Lot Editor, you will have to change the time properties to something you find suitable for your liking using an appropriate modding tool. They are setup to repeat as soon as they are done,  don't go overboard either on one lot with the effects, as this will cause some sluggishness.

Please note that some of these effects are destructive, meaning that when they go off they will blow up the lot containing them, the ones that do this, have destructive in their name. Please remember this when you make lots to pass around and put a warning on a lot if you add the destructive effect.

As of version 3.0 this upload contains the Gizmo_Effects.dat with additional effect props, however this file contains the effects needed for the LOT named Gizmo_Industries_Inc.

They might show up as dependencies on older uploads.

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