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MGB204 - Rail Depot Pack ( MGB204 - Rail Depot Pack (RDP) HOT

This package contains modular rail depot models, rail service platforms plus props (linked to automata) and textures to use with them. 

Whilst the idea of this package is to allow lotters to use them making Rail Depots, there are a number of user-customisable features, that any lots created with this resource can take advantage of. 

The main depot props have been rendered in three different ways. Two HD versions, containing higher-res textures, with either Maxis Nite or Dark Nite variants. There is also an SD Maxis Nite version for those who dislike/can't use HD models.

The textures included can be customised during installation to support many different configurations. The automata props are linked to the installed automata for Rail, HSR/Monorail and GLR/EL-Rail. This means lots using them will show a users installed automata on them (limitations apply). The Depot and Automata props are provided additionally in three timed groups, for more variation. 

See the included readme for further details, this is installed in My DocumentsSimCity 4LEX_DownloadsMGB Mods so it doesn't clutter up your plugins folder. 

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